Why should I get involved?

YOU have the power to make a difference! FUNDACAN strongly believes every one of us has the power to make positive change in other’s lives. Current living conditions are deplorable for far too many people born into rural communities in Honduras and Central America. However, there is a ray of hope for a better future. You can help make dreams become realities; you can aid in the efforts to provide communities a better future. By keeping the mission focused on one community at a time we ensure that your contribution goes a long way.

How can I be an active Volunteer?

At FUNDACAN, our mission and hope is to meet the most basic needs of the less fortunate of Honduras, and to elevate communities, one at a time, to become economically self-sustaining. By standing together we can provide rural Hondurans with equal opportunity that generates everlasting positive improvements to the lives of all of its inhabitants.We would like you to be part of the change. In just one week you can gain an experience of a life-time, by becoming a FUNDACAN Volunteer.We need your help to make this possible. Join a Volunteer Group today!