What is a Humanitarian Volunteer Group Trip?

A Humanitarian Volunteer Group Trip will give you a chance to gain a lifetime of great memories in a short period of time. By visiting one of our rural communities and helping, you may be surprised that you already have many of the skills needed to contribute in a meaningful way. The beauty of a Humanitarian Volunteer Group Trip is that you do not need to be a skilled professional, you just need the desire to help those in need. FUNDACAN has different Mission Program Projects designed for all skill levels.

What are the benefits of working as a Volunteer?

Giving your time for a worthwhile project with FUNDACAN will give you the opportunity to develop hidden positive qualities within yourself. Holding a child in need’s hand, participating or enjoying a typical game or dance will change your perspective, and we hope it will make you realize what this world is all about. It is a blessing that we can choose when and how to help. Your efforts will become part of real positive changes in people’s lives, changes that can be measured.

“Your presence is the most precios gift you can give to other human beings”. Marshall B. Rosenberg