Principles and Values


Throughout a formal transparency protocol we offer all the necessary information that is required for the correct application of donations and grants given by sponsors, donors and financiers.


We transmit our activities clearly and faithfully, reflecting with optimism all the social problems we try to solve.

Promotion of volunteerism

We are aware of the moral commitment with society in favor of solidarity and we appreciate the important work they accomplish.


According to the local habits and culture, everyone should be treated with dignity and equality.


Each and everyone has the right to take their own decisions while respecting other peopleĀ“s opinion.

Integrated Collaboration

The society should work alongside to achieve better living conditions for their communities. None of the NGOs or external entities can accomplish any goals intended without the integrated collaboration of everyone.

Community leadership

All the efforts made to achieve self-sustainable communities have to be led on by local members of the community.

Team work

Promote the team work, and create equality on opportunities for all.


An investment control protocol, in which we apply a rigorous and transparent spending control system.