municipality of Cantarranas

Cantarranas is one of the 298 municipalities that are part of the Central American nation of Honduras; this town is located in the department of Francisco Morazán, in the central region of the country.


The region of the municipality borders in the north with the towns of Talanga and Guaimaca, in the south with Morocelí and Villa de San Francisco, in the east with Teupasenti and in the west it borders with the Central District (The capital Tegucigalpa and the city of Comayagüela).

Historical information

Cantarranas was founded in 1667, with the name of “Cantarranas”. In 1889 it came to be part of the Towns San Juan de Flores and San Diego de Talanga. Throughout all that time until 2011, its most popular name had been San Juan de Flores, yet since 2011 its original name was officially established.

The municipality of Cantarranas has some of the most popular personalities in the country, in 1997 Patricia Rodas and Rosa Montenegro Alvarado were awarded by the International Cultural Cooperation of Spain, and its Municipal Mayor Francisco Gaitán, is mentioned as one of the best municipal mayors in all Central America for his continuous hard work on infrastructure, education and social development in the Town of Cantarranas.

The Municipality of Cantarranas is formed by 19 villages and the main town Cantarranas:

  • Cantarranas (Main town of the Municipality of Cantarranas)
  • Cerro Bonito
  • Cofradía
  • Chandala
  • El Carbón
  • El Jicarito
  • El Ocote
  • El Zarzal
  • El Zurzular
  • Joyas del Carballo
  • La Cruz or Suyapa
  • Las Delicias
  • Marcos
  • Miravalle
  • Pacayas
  • Pajarillos
  • San José de Ramos
  • San Luis
  • Sicaguara
  • Yamaguare