Our Goals & Purpose


The improvement of health, the support of education, and the creation of financial opportunities for self-sustainment are our mainest goals at Fundacan.


To establish relationships with International and National Organizations in order to implement projects, and programs to benefit those who needed it the most in Honduras.


To be an agent of change, and to promote enduring solutions to attain self-sustained development in rural communities.


To develop a pool of national and international volunteers and associates needed to execute programs and projects for the benefit of those who needed it the most.


To be an agent of change, and to promote enduring solutions to attain self-sustained development in rural communities.

Short term aims in 2016

During these activities that are being developed, we will be working along with volunteers from the United States and Canada. This way we will guarantee that the projects being performed in the communities will be accomplished.

January 2016

  • Identifying the first community at the Municipality of Cantarranas, Francisco Morazán, Honduras.
  • To create relations with community organizations and surveying the community members.
  • Creation of a foreign volunteer program to reside in Honduras for a certain established time to help developing the organization in a better way with more guarantees.
  • To define the project that will be established to supplement the prior needs of the communi
  • To create a community profile, based on the current situation of their inhabitants.
  • February 2016

  • To follow up with the alliance of the organization with the Public Health Department as a formal guarantee related to the health and community prevision subjects.
  • To ensure the obtainment of didactic resourcesand the necessary knowledge of the different committees.
  • Implementation of educational workshops before the beginning of projects.
  • To develop each of the workshops, follow up with communitarian selection and social support committees.

  • March 2016

  • Organization of the pre-season Brigades
  • To buy and distribute all the construction materials required for the benefited homes.
  • Recruitment of the necessary professional human resource for the first group to arrive, logistical and security operations protocol.
  • Non-qualified manpower. Also requirement of technicians, translators, security officers, chauffeurs.
  • April 2016

  • Arriving of the first International Group, operation of the first Brigade, implementation of the first Project.
  • Follow up of the projects mentioned.

  • Medium term aims 2016

    May 2016

  • Expansion of the volunteering members’ base from the United States and Canada
  • Ensure the recruitment and increasing the number of the volunteers.
  • Improving the contacts structural base.
  • Working on the possibility of having one group per month.
  • June 2016

  • Opening of new programs.
  • Arrange future projects for the communities, such as Medical Brigades, Improvement of rural Community Economics, etc.
  • Strengthen the follow-up of the projects mentioned.
  • Verify and guarantee that the educational and construction subjects are following the appropriate development process. And make sure that the rest of the programs are working the correct way.
  • July 2016

  • To create new alliances with organizations and foundations in Honduras, United States and Canada, and Worldwide Entities.
  • To create new projects so they don’t have to depend on the external foreign resources.
  • Creation of a board of directors in the United States.