Personal healthcare and higiene.

Corporal Hygiene

Washing hands when necessary, bathing every day, keep clothes, shoes and hair clean.

Oral Hygiene

Teaching people about the importance of brushing their teeth when necessary, usage of dental floss, to mention about the positive and negative results of how much we care about the Oral Hygiene.

General Hygiene at home

Salutariness at home [the bathroom, the kitchen, how to avoid bugs and plagues by implementing good hygiene habits at home.

How to avoid common diseases through appropriate higiene habits

The aproppriate care of the personal and home hygiene and environment

Mental and Physical Exercise

Through the physical exercise at least two days a week, one hour a day, the community inhabitants will enjoy a better health. Stimulate the community local population to taking care of their mental health through salutary routines for the family, Reading and learning about the many different topics possible as a Reading habit, thus the practice of personal and familiar challenges.